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Marilyn Maywald

Pilates Instructor

Marilyn Maywald is a professional dancer and Pilates instructor working in New York City since 2007. She completed her Pilates certification through the Kane School of Core Integration in 2008, where her studies under Kelly Kane emphasized alignment and proper body mechanics through detailed anatomical seeing. Since then, Marilyn has taught at studios and homes throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn, working with clients ages 11-89. She focuses on coaching her clients toward the full body integration that is the genius of Joseph Pilates, with a honed eye toward problem-solving the mechanical, habitual, or injury-related challenges that may limit each client’s movement. Marilyn has found that many physical issues, both big and small benefit, often remarkably, from awareness and mindfully-executed movement. As each person integrates the Pilates concepts in his or her own way, she is a firm believer in the importance of one-on-one instruction.

Marilyn has completed a year-long course in Kinesthetic Anatomy and the Biomechanics of Motion with neuromuscular expert Irene Dowd, on-going study and apprenticeship with Pilates teacher and Somatic Movement Therapist Michelle Cohen, and trained in pre and post-partum Pilates with physical therapist Debbie Goodman. Marilyn has a vibrant performing career working and touring regularly with “downtown” modern dance choreographers as well as presenting her own work. Marilyn received her BFA in Dance/Choreography and an Honors College Diploma magna cum laude from Arizona State University in 2005. While deeply embedded in a contemporary perspective in her work and art, but she finds great value in the rigor and inspiration of classical techniques. She trains regularly with internationally-renowned ballet teacher Janet Panetta, and Romana-trained classical Pilates teacher Carrie Kenneally. She enjoys blending classical and innovative approaches in her work with clients at Finetune.

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