Instructors In Our Collective

Megan Stewart

Pilates Instructor

Megan was born and raised in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, where she spent her days roaming the outdoors, dancing, skiing and enjoying other sports. She began Pilates as a means of cross training and quickly fell in love. Megan graduated with a BFA in dance with a teaching emphasis from Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle, WA. After graduating, she moved to NYC to attend Balanced Body University’s certification program with Pilates Reforming New York. Back in Jackson for a year, Megan danced with Contemporary Dance Wyoming, the state’s only professional company and taught Pilates as well as dance technique. Megan returned to NYC in 2013 and is excited to further her training and career with Finetune.

Megan enjoys working with a wide array of clients. She is equally adept at teaching an athletic approach as she is in exploring the nuances of injury recovery. Megan seeks to understand the strengths and limitations of her client’s bodies, individualizing each session to promote awareness, integration and new found strength. Megan’s belief that Pilates is more than simply a form of exercise encourages an integration of body and mind to support a healthy, happy, functional body. Her own performance and sports endeavors also inform her understanding of the body in motion and her anatomy-centered approach to the work.

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