Our Studio

finetune pilates was born 17 years ago in founder Peggy Wallin-Hart’s Boerum Hill living room. Eager, hardworking clients mingled with acrobatic cats in this intimate space, and Pilates was introduced to the neighborhood.

With the desire to offer more possibilities to her students, and to give herself the camaraderie and inspiration of other instructors, Peggy established the finetune collective in 2000. A rich mix of classical and contemporary Pilates expertise, each instructor brings a unique perspective and energy to the studio.

Located on Atlantic Avenue in the heart of brownstone Brooklyn, the collective has grown and flourished along with the ever-changing neighborhood. With a full range of state-of-the art Pilates apparatus, the new CoreAlign, and an array of helpful props, our beautiful studio is home to a vibrant community of passionate instructors, and loyal students.

In this world of speed and technology, we value the opportunity to build thoughtful long-term relationships that respect the process of learning, and empower our clients to live, as Joe Pilates would say, with “zest and pleasure.”

We look forward to getting to know you.


Our Perspective


I love to explore movement. My life’s journey as a dancer and movement educator has indulged me in this passion. In my experience, to move with grace and power in a resilient, present body is a joy like no other. So it might surprise you that I recently banished exercise from my “to do” list. What a relief to get that screaming SHOULD out of my life!

Actually, I didn’t stop moving, exploring or sweating, I just shifted my perspective from one of doing to one of being. Maybe it’s age, maybe it’s wisdom, but I no longer want to manipulate, fix or ‘do’ to my body anymore. Instead I want to inhabit it, listen to it, and feel at home in all of its exquisite strengths and limitations.

When we stop and listen, our bodies speak volumes. They hold our life story in every cell. Unfortunately, many of us are not encouraged to cultivate a felt sense of being in our bodies and instead live observing them as if from the outside in, well-armed with judgment and cranky commentary.

The finetune collective of one-on-one pilates instructors is dedicated to changing this conversation. We encourage a light-hearted sense of curiosity and expand the goals of fitness beyond the classical triad of strength, endurance and flexibility to include resiliency; a vibrant and responsive sense of healthy physicality. In our sessions with you, the objective is not simply to get good at Pilates, but to use Pilates to create an adaptable body in which you feel good and can contribute your unique gifts to the world.

At finetune, the development of core strength for which Pilates is so revered, is built on your body’s natural intelligence, and becomes a central communication and energetic powerhouse for your life. The ability to access and exchange this continuous flow of energy throughout the body can help restore a sense of overall strength and integration. Our combination of serious intention and playful application creates a learning environment that is rich in knowledge, respectful of process, and supports each client’s unique abilities.

Yes, Pilates is exercise and a very effective one too. At finetune it is also a way of coming home to yourself. We hope that you will leave each session a little more finely tuned, and a little more joyful. Our collaborations bring results one individual, one breath, one drop of sweat at a time.



Experience Your Body's Intelligence