What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

Finetune pilates has transformed a gym class phobic klutz into a strong, sculpted, sometimes graceful lesser klutz.

– Sharon S.

I have been a road runner since I was 18 years old but as I approached my 50th birthday, a locked out back and permanently aching knees was leading to the inevitable ‘hanging up of my running shoes’. My wife persuaded me to visit Peggy at Finetune much against my better judgement. I of course knew that Pilates was some kind of hippy nonsense that could be of no benefit to a ‘proper runner’ like me! Well, 3 years later I stick to my weekly session with religious zeal. It’s a proper work out, challenging, fun and guess what… No back pain, no knee pain and I’m still running and riding my bike!

– Richard S.

Working with several of the enthusiastic, knowledgeable and nurturing teachers, I have begun to feel a positive shift in my movement patterns. I leave my pilates sessions feeling taller, more confident and more aligned with my core.

– Brian A.

I have mild cerebral palsy, which prevents me from comfortably and successfully participating in the group Pilates classes offered at the gym or other studios. Finetune has provided me a supportive/non-intimidating environment with knowledgeable instructors, who have found ways to adapt numerous exercises in order to accommodate my special needs and help me improve my balance and strength. I have also seen carryover to my other gym activities. For instance, when I remember my Pilates principles while swimming, I find my stroke to be much more efficient; I also don’t fatigue as quickly.

– Kenzie D.

Hilary has seen me through two very healthy, happy pregnancies and post-partum recoveries. I really don’t know what I would have done without her! While I was pregnant, Hilary customized her instruction to make me feel great in my rapidly changing body, while strengthening me for a natural childbirth. After each birth, I started working with her right away to ease my way back into shape and to counter the effects of delivery and breast-feeding. Hilary’s extraordinary grasp of the way our body’s work and her gentle but firm style of instruction made for a healthier, happier, and less uncomfortable pregnancy and quicker post-partum recovery.

– Lara H.

I first came to Finetune as a one-year gift to myself as I entered my 60th year, open-minded and optimistic, with still an undercurrent of NY cynicism. I didn’t want aging to be a process of diminishing power and flexibility as I have always been an active person and depended on my natural lifestyle to see me through. Little did I realize the amazing benefits of weekly pilates sessions. From the start, Peggy worked intelligently and methodically and to help us both to understand the strengths and limitations of my body. …It’s been 5 years since I started at Finetune, and can’t imagine not being a part of this incredibly worthwhile process. What started as a one year gift is the gift that keeps giving and giving in so many ways. Thank you all!!

– Jane F.

I was a workout dropout until I walked through the door of Finetune in 2001 and 14 years later, I’m still here. There are so many variations of exercises that you just never get bored. Pilates has made me leaner and stronger. I always look forward to my sessions with Maeve and even on those days I’m dragging when I come in, I leave feeling like I can conquer the world. Practicing Pilates at Finetune may not turn you into Wonder Woman, but definitely a pretty close alter ego!

– Priscilla S.


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