your session

The Finetune instructors are client-oriented, listen carefully, observe well and adapt the work to fit each individual’s needs.

-Nancy M.

Your body is shaped and continuously refined by your daily activities, myriad thoughts, and unconscious habits, making the way that you move as unique to you as your fingerprint. Working one-on-one with an instructor at finetune pilates is an exciting process of discovery. As your awareness grows, you will learn to unravel physical tensions and restrictive mental patterns, resetting your body for optimal health, strength, and flexibility.

During your session you may, use balls to roll out the fascia on the bottom surface of your feet, explore your inner landscape by tracing the bones on a skeleton, or break a sweat with a challenging sequence on the Pilates Reformer. Some days your body will call for a vigorous, energizing practice while other times a restorative, calming practice will bring you closer to harmony & balance.

Your body speaks. We listen and respond.

Experience Your Body's Intelligence