Men & Pilates

pilates was developed by a man. it’s athletic. it’s mindful. it’s efficient.


Most of us come to exercise to improve both our appearance and sense of well-being. Unfortunately, the existing gym and sports culture often leads to over-training superficial muscles at the expense of joint-stabilizing and core-support. This approach can result in structural imbalances that manifest as poor posture, a lack of flexibility, reduced functional strength, and even increased pain, strain, and fatigue, actually exacerbating the problems that brought you to the gym in the first place!

In contrast, Pilates exercises tune you into the body’s natural energy centers, beginning with the deep muscles in the belly, back and pelvis that serve as our dynamic core. Through this work vitality is increased, athletic performance and stamina improved, and a renewed sense of strength achieved.

Fifty years ahead of his time, Joseph Pilates understood that all bodies are most effectively trained as an integrated whole. Professional athletes including LeBron James, Andy Murray, David Beckham, and Tiger Woods agree, and enjoy the cross training and injury prevention benefits of Pilates. Whether you are a runner, a tennis player, or simply want to feel better in your body, Pilates is an intelligent and effective workout.

I stick to my weekly session at Finetune with religious zeal. It’s a proper workout, challenging and fun.

– Richard S.

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