A Mentorship & Art of Teaching Program

SPRING INSIDE PILATES is a year-long, small group immersive experience for certified instructors that encourages inquiry and exploration in multiple environments including private mentoring, monthly trainings, observation, movement labs and independent study. It is designed to empower instructors to think critically, trust their intuition, have confidence in their knowledge and hone their unique teaching voice.

THE SPRING INSIDE PERSPECTIVE is a lens, informed by fascial and neuroscience, in which to observe, explore and experience the body in motion. It harnesses the brilliance of the Pilates apparatus to inform and enliven our raw physicality

THIS PROGRAM MIGHT BE RIGHT FOR YOU IF you are looking to dive deeply into the work you love, explore multiple perspectives, teach in a way that empowers your clients, and feel nourished by your teaching and client interactions


    In the teaching voice you have thoughtfully honed
    To understand & explore the interconnections woven through the method of Pilates
    To read bodies & create enlivening & liberating movement experiences for your clients
    To challenge & support your unfolding personal & professional journey

Our 6 Course Lenses offer a multi-faceted view in which to investigate the intersection of Classical & Contemporary Pilates.

  • Spiral of Learning: Same Method, New Perspectives
  • The Interconnected Method: Exploring Relationships, Weaving Connections
  • The Intelligent Body: Cultivating Movement from the Body’s Perspective
  • The Apparatus: Inviting the Spring Inside
  • The Art of Teaching: Insight into Action
  • Creating Connection: To our Environment, Ourselves & Each Other

Multiple inquiries for each lens serve to spark our creativity, elevate the work & deepen our felt experience of it.

Monthly Workshops
Our journey together begins with a full weekend deep dive into The Spring Inside Perspective. Then one Sunday a month we will gather for a flowing Mat class, dynamic lectures, playful movement labs & interactive discussions.

Country Retreat
In June, we will convene at my home and studio in the Hudson Valley. Our usual movement explorations will be rounded out with swimming, hiking, ping-pong, nourishing food, relaxed conversation and plenty of fresh country air.

Private Mentorship
The experience & guidance of a mentorship relationship will be woven into every fiber of this program! Monthly one-on-one movement & conversation meet-ups will be guided by your professional and teaching goals as well as your passions and curiosities.

In addition to – Observation, Small-group Meet-ups & Independent Learning

full details @ the-spring-inside.com

120 hour program – 120 PMA CEC’s

Led by: Peggy Wallin-Hart

Dates: January 12 – November 17, 2019

Location: Finetune Pilates Studio 329 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, NY


$3,750.00 $3,250.00 Early Payment Discount Thru November 15

Applications Being Accepted Now

To Schedule a Discovery Call with Peggy: peggy@the-spring-inside.com